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Xin Ji Da has transformed into 6 key business sectors. They are Industrial Wheels and Rims, Rubber Ingredients, Industrial Chemicals, Rubber Track Components, Wire and Fabric Reinforcement and Tyre Machinery.

Rubber Ingredients

At Xin Ji Da, we help transform your business by taking a holistic approach that offers a comprehensive portfolio of tyre ingredients.

Industrial Chemicals

A comprehensive portfolio of Industrial Chemicals and an extensive global network to find the perfect solution to suits your needs.

Wire and Fabric Reinforcement

Our reinforcement materials are carefully selected from our partners

Industrial Wheels and Rims

From ground support equipment to agriculture & construction vehicles, Xin Ji Da manufacture a wide spectrum of wheel and rims sizes of 6 inches to 63 inches

Rubber Track and Components

Xin Ji Da is the first in its industry to produce superior quality rubber track components with more than 20 years of experience.

Tyre Machinery and Mould

At Xin Ji Da, we have a wide range of tyre machinery and equipment for your tyre manufacturing needs with high standards of safety, quality and consistency

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Xin Ji Da leverage on our extensive global network, depth of experience, market knowledge, and advanced technology to respond rapidly to evolving customer and production trends

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